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A Webpack v4 ➡️ v5 problem

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Recently I’ve tried to upgrade Webpack from v4 to v5. There is a little breaking change that causes problems on frontend projects. If you are using “process.env” variables it won’t work anymore. I was using the dotenv-webpack package but it doesn’t work anymore for browsers.

We automatically replace any remaining process.envs in these environments with “MISSING_ENV_VAR” to avoid these errors.

💡 The solution

  • Install the dotenv package.
  • Create a .env file with your environment-specific variables.
  • Add this snippet at the start of Webpack config file:
var dotenv = require(“dotenv”).config({ path: __dirname +/.env” });
  • Add this snippet in the plugins section of your Webpack config file:
plugins: [
  new webpack.DefinePlugin({
    “process.env.DOTENV”: JSON.stringify(dotenv.parsed),

As the documentation says:

The DefinePlugin allows you to create global constants which can be configured at compile time. — DefinePlugin | webpack

So this will inject the variables in the code.

🤾 Usage

To use your new global constant in your code you can do this:


because the DOTENV parameter is an object containing the values in your .env file.

👵 Tips

Thanks for reading to the end! 🎉

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