Visual Studio Code Extensions That I Use

The complete list divided by topics.

Published: 20 August 2022

Here are all the extensions I use in VSCode.

There are a lot of them since I have had to work with different technologies over the years and I try a lot of random stuff in my free time.

Some of them are not widely used but in the end, all of them are working.

Among them, there is also an extension that I've done. It's a theme called Vitality and I made it to work with italics keywords. Over the years someone has tried it and it gives me a lot of satisfaction.










Node / JavaScript


VSCode first party


Just in case

This is a living article, I expect to update it with new extensions or remove them if they are no anymore valid.

As time passed by I noticed that extensions are pretty solid in general, even if not updated they are still working. So in the end there was never really a need to change many of them. The VSCode team is good at not introducing too many destructive elements.

Thanks for reading to the end! 🎉

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