Hi there šŸ‘‹ Nice to meet you!

Iā€™m Luca, a freelance full-stack web developer based in Italy

He solves problems.


As freelance

I help my clients to create awesome products from the ground up.

I improve their existing products.

If you need help to understand something product and tech related, I'm here for you.


As indie

Iā€™m working on projects like Trak and Fōkasu.


As volunteer

I contribute to opensource projects and help in organizations like Speck&Tech, Python Italia, and PyTrento.

Django & React = šŸ’š Full stack

I have been using this stack for many years now. It helps me quickly develop applications from scratch.

However, I often face new challenges with new tools. For example, lately I've been working with Supabase and HTMX.

The latest posts

More posts in the blog page.