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Consider that perhaps there is no more room.

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Decluttering is a buzzword like “blockchain” or “machine-learning” can be. They are empty words and concepts until you put them into practice to solve concrete problems or needs.

The purpose of decluttering is to get rid of what keeps us still and does not keep us to move on. These things make friction with changes. Where we see frictions we can find something to eliminate or transform.

The journey starts from the place closest to you

To begin this process, you need to start with yourself. Since the exterior is only a consequence of how we are inside, we must not be deceived that just throwing some clothes to get better.

With many things, over time, it has formed a very strong bond. Some of these can be said to identify us. Breaking bonds so rooted in us requires patience, work, and listening. As I said it’s a path, and it does not last just a weekend. These bonds can also be people who don’t make us feel good, negative feelings, or harmful habits.

Turn off the lights

Turning off the lights for a few minutes, emptying your mind as much as possible, and taking root in the present moment helps to highlight these bonds. After each attempt, when reopening your eyes, you will notice them more and more.

If done carefully, the number of things that are blocking us can be shocking. Nothing prevents you from making a list and tackling one at a time. Always with the right calm and respect for yourself. Nobody has to force us and nothing has to put pressure on us. You don’t want to create another bond.

The analogy

By profession, I am a developer and the analogy that immediately comes to me is the one between code and life. If I fill the code with dependencies and don’t divide it wisely in a short time it becomes aching to work on it. Also, in this case, I don’t try to solve the problem right away. I start with recognizing the problem using the same approach. I close my eyes, I empty my mind, I open my eyes, and something that I didn’t see before appears.

In order to feel good, it’s not necessary to fill life as much as possible but to recognize the essential.

«Stop! The cup is full!» said Tokusan.

Thanks for reading to the end! 🎉

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