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Some initial considerations


Whether you’re just getting into the Python world or you’re a veteran looking for some inspiration, here are some folks who can help!

They are all worth your follow, they all talk about our preferred language 😉


There will be a lot of Twitter links. Most of the tech community is still there.

2023-09-04 update: I’m finding more and more people on Mastodon and the interaction is more real and spontaneous. Check it out.


  • There are a lot of Django people. I’m a web dev in the end 🤷.
  • There are not enough women! Please, recommend me someone that I should add! Diversity is important.
  • I wrote this article in just one night, please excuse mistakes and oversights 🙏

Here are the people

Daniel Roy Greenfeld

Co-author of Two Scoops of Django. He cares a lot about the future of our planet. He is also a former NASA coder.

Carlton Gibson

Django and PSF Fellow. Mostly working on and with Django. If you want to talk deeply about Django with someone, he is the right person. If you have the opportunity to meet him at a conference he will always be ready and available to exchange a few words.

Andrew Godwin

Python/Django developer, speaker, and hobby collector. Works @astronomerio.

He is also the creator of the Takahē project, an ActivityPub server designed for efficient use on small- to medium-size installations.

Patrick Arminio

Developer Advocate @apollographql, @pyconit organiser, @ThePSF Fellow. He is also the creator of Strawberry, a new GraphQL library for Python 3, inspired by Dataclasses.

One of the most influential people, or perhaps the most, in my career. He is always ready to recommend the latest cool tool around and talk about the latest trends.

You’ll love Patrick ❤️

Audrey Roy Greenfeld

She is best known for being a programmer. She created the popular Cookiecutter project templating tool in 2013, now open source on GitHub with over 10,000 stars. She is one of the primary authors of Cookiecutter Django, one of the most widely-used Django web application project templates.

Co-author of Two Scoops of Django.

She graduated from MIT in 2005 with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science.

Audrey also has a deep passion for fiction writing.

Armin Ronacher

He is the creator of Flask and he is behind the Pallets Projects collection. Now he is working @getsentry. He loves API design, Python and Rust.

Matt Harrison

Matt Harrison is a corporate trainer, consultant, and author who has worked with various startups architecting data science, business intelligence, storage, open-source stack support, search and high availability.

Mike Driscoll

He has been using Python since April 2006. Writing about Python @mousevspython @realpython. He used to blog for the Python Software Foundation from time to time.

Author of multiple books including Python 101.

Trey Hunner

He is a Python team trainer. He creates ah-ha moments in Python with @PythonMorsels.

Kátia Nakamura

@djangoproject #DSF Board member. Django Specialist. @PyConBlkn @djangogirls Organizer. Sr. Framework Engineer @flydotio.

Ernesto Arbitrio

🐍 python addicted, father, son, @pyconit. Senior backend engineer at @YouGov.

One of the best Pythonistas out there. He cares a lot about writing good, clean and testable code. VP of Python Italia.

You’ll love Ernesto ❤️

Patrick Loeber

He is a software engineer with a big YouTube channel 200K+. He will help you to learn Python and Machine Learning.

Reuven M. Lerner

Helping you become more confident with Python and Pandas.

Will McGugan

CEO / Founder of

Anna Ravenscroft

Experienced speaker and trainer, with diverse background developing curricula for church, regional transit, and disaster preparedness; developing web applications for therapy, learning, and fitness; writing technical books (Python in a Nutshell), articles and presentations; active member of Open Source community; skilled at translating between IT professionals and end users.

Sebastián Ramírez — a.k.a. tiangolo

He created FastAPI, Typer and a bunch of other open-source projects.

Sanskar Jethi

Creator of Robyn, a high-performance Python framework with a Rust runtime, and Starfyre, a reactive SSR Python Web Framework for Front-End Applications.

Fabio Pliger

Creator and tech lead of PyScript. Principal Architect at @anacondainc, former EuroPython Society chair, father, husband and a few other things :)

Marco Beri

This is more a suggestion for Italian people 🇮🇹

Author of “Python 3 — Guida tascabile al linguaggio di Google, Star Wars e la NASA”. The book I used at the start of my Python journey.

Raymond Hettinger

Chief trainer for Mutable Minds. Certified Public Accountant, Retired Python Guru. Alloy & TLA⁺ enthusiast. Aspiring pianist. Former pilot.

Update 2023-09-04

Nina Zakharenko

She is a speaker and Frontend Masters author. Pythonista 💜🐍

Pamela Fox

She like to teach, learn, and create. Currently a Principal Cloud Advocate in Python at Microsoft.

Brett Cannon

Python core developer. Dev manager for the Python experience for Microsoft VSCode.

Łukasz Langa

CPython Developer in Residence, Python 3.8 and 3.9 release manager, creator of Black, pianist, dad. ambv on Github.

Brian Okken

Software Engineer, Host of TestAndCode and PythonBytes. Author of “Python Testing with pytest”

Anthony Sottile

A good—mostly—Python content creator.

Anthony Shaw

Python, Cloud and OSS at Microsoft. Author of “CPython Internals”. x3 Father, Christian, PSF Fellow, Fellow at Macquarie University

Michael Kennedy

A Python enthusiast and entrepreneur. Host of TalkPython and PythonBytes, founder of Talk Python Training. Python Software Foundation Fellow.

Christopher Bailey

Host of The Real Python Podcast. Video tutorial producer Realpython.


This is a living list. I want to expand and improve it over time. Please, let me know who I’m missing!

Thanks for reading to the end! 🎉

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