Rewind July 2022

What happened during July 2022?

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Here we are for the rewind of July 2022. The month went by very quickly.


  • Completely redone my personal website. Including new graphics, an improved and detailed about section, and converted all my posts to Markdown.
    • It is made with Pelican. I’m doing a lot of practice with this tool. I’m also using it for other websites, like
  • Finally, I have a professional email address:
  • Started climbing more frequently (2x week) and got to do B+ blocks. I’m super happy with this improvement.
  • Went to see some cars at Trento-Bondone.
  • Took more walks in the woods, also looking for boulders to climb on. In theory, I have found them but they are not easy to access.
  • Done great digital cleanups on all the tools I use. It should be a more common habit given the benefits it gives me but unfortunately, it takes time and I often decide to use it in other ways.
  • Started meditating more. Including breathing exercises. They are a real cure-all.
  • Created a logo for a friend. Handrawed and then used in combination with a modern handwritten font. It was a nice experiment but I think I won’t do it anymore because it needs a lot of time.

Open source

  • Published version 0.2.0 of pelican-tailwindcss · PyPI, and now you can use the plugins to add Tailwind on your Pelican website. There is still room for improvement but for now it covers all the minimum requirements.
  • Created the new Pelican website.


  • We did the last Speck&Tech event of the season (details).
  • Went to the last event of the Start.Ape season. A meetup for networking between entrepreneurial realities in Trentino.


Speaking about books this month was full of fantasy. I needed something different from nonfiction books.


  • Coastline — by Hollow Coves
  • Il Comico (Sai Che Risate) — by Cesare Cremonini


  • Having read and written a lot of articles unfortunately books were a secondary priority. Not good, from August we change course.
  • There are many other things that I have not reported, mainly because at this pace I do one thing I immediately leave room for the next one, and the memory flies away. Then also because I’m not keeping well a log of the things I’m doing.

Let’s see what awaits me in this—very hot—August. It seems to have started on the right foot by doing a lot of interesting things. Including new types of climbing exercises and new interesting readings. But we’ll see all of this in next month’s release.

Bye 👋

Thanks for reading to the end! 🎉

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