What did I learn from watching Apple “Far Out” event?

Some quick lessons I learned

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I watched the event using this summary video—summaries are good for our lives.

Put percentages anywhere, anytime, anyway

People like to see clearly the differences. A number with a symbol—12 + %—is effective in getting them noticed. Especially when it comes to subtle changes, they can bring out their value.

Make the differences and the value easy to understand 🥇

The same goes for “2x”, “10x”.

Huge, bold, in block letters.

Show the “inside” of what you have done

They always show schematics and hardware details of what’s inside their devices. Apart from looking like videos coming from the future and therefore giving the impression of being hyper-innovative, I think there is more underneath.

If you show the product in full, you remove the veil of mystery about what people are going to buy. I think this awareness is very dear to those who buy Apple products.

Moreover, they are not demanding content, at least people can look at some models and percentages that run around on the screen.

When you can, remove

Whenever they can, they remove something from the product. By doing so they also lighten the load of things to say and focus on other points—those that matter more.

This possibility gives much more communicative strength.

Look for cool ways to turn bad things into good

This is more related to a design element but they did a good job of communicating.

I’m talking about the “Dynamic Island”. Even the name is cool.

They have taken an element of weakness—the notch—and with some—yes, I mean, a lot—design work, they have transformed it into something that people want.

Everyone is talking about it.

Also because evidently, the notch was not exactly the stroke of genius of the century.

In this case, they did not remove something but they have turned the game in their favor. A great plan B 🥈

Thanks for reading to the end! 🎉

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